Our company is built on looking out for yours.

We help you manage and plan for all your potential risks.

You don’t have to face risks alone.

We are here for you for the unexpected.

Kyllo Insurance began offering risk management services to commercial clients in 1995 after realizing many clients had no idea what was covered in their policies. Building values were incorrect, vehicle lists were not updated and liability limits didn’t meet the exposures. With years of specialized industry knowledge, we recognized how uniquely equipped we were to start offering our clients the additional guidance they were missing.

To this day, all of our commercial clients benefit from our comprehensive risk management services, designed to identify and reduce exposures. We tailor the ideal insurance package for each business. This starts at the beginning of review, selecting the best coverage from our competitive range of commercial products, and continues throughout policy periods.

Our risk management offerings greatly reduce our clients exposures and mitigate losses, which keeps their costs down. But the most invaluable aspect of these services- We take the guesswork out of insurance planning, allowing our clients to focus on other areas of their business with peace of mind.

Risk management service areas

Oregon – Washington – California – Montana – Arizona – Texas

How can we help?

Contact Eric Kyllo our President & Risk Manager


Risk management products

We have solutions to stay a step ahead of events that impact your business.

Risk Audits

Analysis of exposures, losses and trends to support informed decision-making about your business operations.


Tailored solutions for unique exposures and hands-on expert advice to help companies learn best practices based on their industry.

Crisis Management

We strive to avoid unexpected events, but if they occur, we are here to help you navigate through them successfully with little interruption or impact to your business.

Claims Resolution

Specialized review for potential cost savings associated with integrated value-added services.

Let’s make a plan to reduce your company’s risks.

“Figuring out whether your insurance coverage really has you covered shouldn’t be a headache. Allow us to tailor the right plan for your company using our industry knowledge to ensure your business is fully protected for all of the unexpected.”